Annual Update

It was great to see so many of you at the recent AGM and to have so much support over the past year. We very much hope you join us for another year and we see as many of you as possible at the Christmas Carols on Saturday 15 December at 3.30pm.

Membership for 2019

Membership for 2019 will now be £5 per household for the year and we were hoping to receive membership before the end of November if possible please. This year should be particularly easy as you can either do a bank transfer (as detailed in the recent annual update email), or take your £5 in a sealed envelope with you name and address on, to Hot Milk by Bounds Green tube to give to Roberta, our new membership secretary.

Litter Picking and Maintenance

It was agreed that all litter picking would move to the third Saturday of the month 10am to 1pm going forwards, as Saturdays were always better attended than the Sundays. We also decided that we will take a break in August due to holidays and to give the committee a break. We look forward to seeing you at the next litter pick. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided at our welcome stand, which will be in the concrete circle by Tewkesbury Terrace each month.

Christmas Carols

Please join us for our annual carols on the Green on Saturday 15 December, meeting at 3.30pm, starting carols at 4pm. It was a magical event last year and we would love to see you all there again and welcome new faces too. The carols will be followed by drinks in the Ranelagh afterwards.


Our survey will launch in January, so we can find out what your priorities are for the Green. Whether it’s improving safety, reducing fly tipping, conservation, better play and exercise facilities or something else entirely, we really want to hear your views. Watch this space!

Easter Egg Hunt a Huge Success!

Despite the very wet weather we had around 100 people turn up for our first ever Easter Egg Hunt - it was exciting and inspiring to see so many local families come out for it. Children had lots of fun walking around the green and filling out their activity sheets, and they especially enjoyed making Stick Men from natural materials. Thanks to all who attended, and do check out our Events page for more gatherings throughout the year. 

Funding secured for the Rose Gardens

We are very pleased to announce that we have secured funding the restore the two rose gardens, absent for decades, to the raised flowerbeds on the west side of the green. Work is underway to choose the varieties and colours, and we will need lots of volunteers to help prepare the beds, and plant them in the weeks to come. If you're interested in helping, please email: